Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Declare it...just not with words

In his autobiography, George Muller writes of the true story of Baron von Kamp "for the encouragement of believers who are tried by having unconverted relatives and friends." This baron did many great things for his countrymen, but was not content with that. He was always looking for ways to win people to the LORD. When a talented university student wrote to the baron for assistance when his own father could not support him any longer, the baron received young Thomas in a most affectionate way. He offered him a room in his home and a place at his table. The baron served this young student in the most kind and affectionate way as much as possible to show him the power of the gospel in his own life. He did this without arguing with him or even speaking directly to him about his soul. Thomas was deeply involved in philosophy, reasoning about everything, even questioning the existence of God. The baron avoided getting into any argument with him. In fact, every evening when Thomas got home, the baron would meet him and serve him in any way he could, even helping him take off his boots. This went on until Thomas couldn't take it anymore. He said "Baron, how can you do all this? You see I do not care about you. How are you able to continue to be so kind to me and serve me like this?" The baron replied "My dear young friend, I have learned it from the LORD Jesus. I wish you would read through the gospel of John. Good night."

Young Thomas did read the gospel - for the first time with an open heart and willingness to learn. And God blessed him. He became a follower of the LORD Jesus.

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